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Someone Asked About Red-Light Camera Revenue, and Other City Budget Busters

On Friday, Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm sent to the city council the memo you'll find in full after the jump, in which she presents the latest forecast for this fiscal year. The doc's of particular interest as we head toward the next round of budgeting, with a new mayor at the helm and Suhm predicting anywhere from a $60- to $100-million gap, depending upon how much the state and feds withdraw from the city's coffers to make up their own respective shortfalls. Long story short, says Suhm: General revenue funds are guesstimated to come in at around $118,000 below budget. She offers some what-fors, including:

  • Parking Fee revenues are projected to be $413,000 below budget due to reduced citations.
  • Red Light Camera revenues are projected to be $897,000 below budget due to decreased citations and delays in adding and relocating cameras.
  • Public Library revenues are projected to be $67,000 below budget due to lower than budgeted fines.
So, see, Jim -- it is you. Expenditures are $208,000 below budget, in large part because of delays in hiring new staffers in Management Services and Sustainable Development and Construction. The lengthy breakdown follows. So too does a memo notifying the council that it's holding off Atmos's request to jump resident's monthly bill by $1.70 till at least June.


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