Speak of the Devil: Santorum's Coming to Town as Jeffress Joins O'Reilly to Talk "Satan" Speech

Says here Rick Santorum's coming back to town tomorrow for a fundraiser on behalf of his Red, White and Blue Fund super PAC, which declined to nail down the Dallas date; it also doesn't appear on his official campaign schedule, and his campaign folks haven't responded to our queries either. But a Friend of Unfair Park who, ya know, knows says it's a done deal. The timing's certainly right, given his sizable lead in the Texas Tribune/University of Texas poll released earlier this week.

And if even if he wasn't coming to town tomorrow, well, it's worth directing your attention to this just-dispatched note from none other than First Baptist's Robert Jeffress: "Is Satan alive and active as Rick Santorum said he is in a 2008 speech? Catch me tonight on The O'Reilly Factor!" Jeffress, of course, is referring to remarks Santorum made in Florida in 2008, when he said, "Satan has his sights on the United States of America" -- remarks again making the rounds, which tickles Romney supporter Chris Christie.

Which reminds me: North Texas transplant Glenn Beck was on O'Reilly last night pitching his summertime wingding "Restoring Love," which includes the love-in at Cowboys Stadium at the end of July. Biggest Tea Party ever!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.