St. Patrick's Day on Greenville Avenue: Just Some Good, Clean Fun in the CVS Parking Lot

Just got back from a food run to Royal Thai, my first voyage into humanity all day, and I can happily report that it's safe to leave your home again. It's still going, this year's ode to binge drinking and dyed plastic and collapsing economies, but it's definitely dying down. I saw just one lone woman laid out on the sidewalk, and she looked downright conscious.

Seems like an all around good day. The police just sent along the day's stats: 12 cop calls, 13 towed cars, 214 parking tickets and two dozen or so arrests, including 16 for public intoxication and five biggies: three aggravated assaults, an assault on a public servant and a felony theft, almost definitely of a Sourdough Jack. (Note: These stats were updated at 10:04 p.m., per the updated police figures.)

Photog Mike Mezeul was on the scene. Some favorites are below, and there are 40 or so in this slideshow. We'll have more tomorrow, including photos from our Ryan Bingham concert. Hope you had a good one, and a safe one. We'll see you next year -- assuming Cubes likes what he saw.

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