State Rep. Johnson Demands Answers From DISD's Hinojosa Over Jubilee Park Land Grab

Exactly two months ago, it appeared as though the Dallas Independent School District was backing off its intentions to seize via eminent domain houses in Jubilee Park to make way for a new-and-improved O.M. Roberts Elementary. On August 12, the district informed Pat Berry, owner of Vickery Wholesale Greenhouse, that it no longer intended to condemn his business; on September 1, the DISD sent letters to four homeowners informing them it was "dismissing eminent domain proceedings." But attorney Mark Mathie, repping other homeowners free of charge, warned Unfair Park: "It's not over."

Clearly. The district still wants to take five other properties, which the owners have refused to sell for the district's offer of pennies on the dollar. The homeowners, and Mathie, have taken their case to State Rep. Eric Johnson, who in turn has written a letter to DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa. In his missive, which follows in full on the other side, Johnson warns the super: "It appears DISD may not have adequately explored alternatives that do not involve displacing any residents from their homes." And he wants to know why. Now.

Eric Johnton Letter to DISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa

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