State Rep. Terri Hodge Has a Few Months Before Her Trial's Scheduled to Start

Mark your calendars: March 8. That, says Jack Fink, is when state Rep. Terri Hodge will finally stand trial, per Judge Barbara Lynn's decision. Say what? You forgot Hodge was indicted along with Don Hill, D'Angelo Lee and the rest of the found-guilty gang? Then you should go back and re-read the original indictment, in which Hodge is accused of accepting free rent from Brian and Cheryl Potashnik in exchange for sending letters of support to the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs for Southwest Housing's apartment developments.

Of course, as Patrick "Buzz" Williams reminded us last year, her attorney has maintained that the few hundy in free rent wasn't a bribe. Because, see, "she thought she qualified for housing assistance because, as a state legislator, she makes very little money." Got it? Schutze and Merten have already called not-it for live-blogging. Seems awful early for that.

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