Stern Warning

So, Mark Cuban's made peace with NBA commish David Stern...not. (Really, I should not have seen Borat four times already...not. Damn it.) You know why Cuban's mad now, don't you: Stern's new league-wide rule that prohibits team owners from going on the floor during the game or joining in team huddles during timeouts. It's The Mark Cuban Rule. Not officially, but might as well be. He paid for it.

Surely you saw the "He Fine Me" T-shirt Cubes was sporting at the Spurs-Mavs season opener last night. No? Then how about this piece from SI.com this morning, in which the Mavs' owner says: "I told [Stern] that I was thankful to the commissioner and my fellow owners to help me to see the error of my ways, and to give me the opportunity to fit in and learn and absorb what they're doing... I apologized to my fellow NBA owners for not having seen the light. Now I have.'' Heh.

Or maybe you saw Cuban on with Michael Eisner the other night. Eisner, the formerly powerful movie exec, is now slumming it as a talk-show host on CNBC (and I swear to God I had no idea that network was still on the air--hunh). Says on Wikipedia the show's gotten a zero rating; seems about right. So maybe you missed what Cuban had to say about the commish. That's why we're posting it here...not. Oh, wait. We really are. --Robert Wilonsky

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