Sure, Bank of America Has Bigger Problems, But Dallas Man Wants His Few Bucks Back. Now.

Bank of America's got plenty to worry about right now, between tumbling share prices, threats of a $10-billion A.I.G. suit and renewed concerns over its long-term viability. So a lawsuit filed late last week in Dallas County District Court by Robert Long may not top the pops 'round Charlotte, North Carolina, headquarters. Still, let's take a look anyhow.

Seems the local Long has stumbled across an issue that has plagued others before him -- a little something called PrivacySource, which is nothing more than a credit-monitoring service. As BoA puts it, every quarter customers will receive a look at their credit scores per Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Doesn't say how much it costs, only asks if you want to sign up.

So. Back in March, Long looks at his BoA statement, he says, and notices that he's been hit with three separate $12.99 monthly charges for using PrivacySource -- in January, February and March. But, see, he never signed up for the service. Never even heard of it. He called BoA and asked, "Pardon?" He says he was told, sorry, he'd have to call PrivacySource if he wanted a refund. Long says he was never told PrivacySource was BoA-owned, which made it so easy to electronically lift the funds out of his account.

Round and round he went, finally being told, sorry, no refunds. Long says he demanded to see something proving he'd given his OK to take his money out of his account for a service he didn't want. Nothing. So he's filed this suit, which he hopes to turn into a class action based on the fact he sure ain't the only one being robbed -- allegedly -- by Bank of America. But, hey, at least BoA's stock is up 53 cents in pre-trading.

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