Sure, Plano's Real Safe and All. Nice. But What's This You Say About the Grow Houses?

Yes, yes, yes, I've seen it -- Forbes has named Plano "America's Safest City," based upon a low-low-low violent crime rate and a relatively low number of killer car crashes. Thanks to the many Friends who've sent the piece, which says money matters -- so too homogeneity. Which is nice and all. I'll keep it in mind next time I visit Plano, which I hear is lovely this time of the year.

But, really, the biggest news comes from the comments section of The News's account of the Forbes listing:

One good thing about Plano: My weed dealer swears by the grow houses there. Most well run dope houses anywhere. And if my dealer is happy, I'm happy. So there's that.

I'm sure he just meant this. Still, note to self: Research for cover story.

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