Sure, Traffic Will Suck Downtown Tomorrow. On the Plus Side: Muni Court's Canceled!

Down below, a few Friends are arguing the pros and cons of tomorrow's downtown shutdown courtesy Your Champion Dallas Mavericks. But this surely has to fall into the good-thing column, no? From our friends at Dallas City Hall: "Municipal Court canceled for tomorrow." The details, such as they are:

Due to increased traffic and street closures for the Mavs Victory Parade all scheduled Court appearances at the Municipal Courts are canceled for Thursday only. This includes Community Court, Hearing Officer's Court, Proof or Plea Court and Jury Duty.

Persons with scheduled appearances will be notified by mail within a week with a new court date. If they have not received a new court date, defendants may call Courts at (214) 670-0109 or visit http://www.dallascityhall.com/courts/court_and_detention_services.htm and click on Citation Lookup.

Update at 2:30 p.m.: This just in from Dallas County:

Persons summoned to report to jury duty for Dallas County, at either the George Allen or Frank Crowley Courthouses, on Thursday, June 16th, are not to report. These jurors are released from service and no further action is required.

Persons currently serving as jurors on cases in progress will receive instructions from the judge of that court.

Persons with hearings or trials scheduled for Thursday, June 16th, should contact that court for information regarding any scheduling changes.

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