Swingers Club, "Outreach Mission" -- Same Dif. Why, Just Look at the Photos From Inside.

After we broke the story about the Dallas City Attorney's Office going after The Playground, a Harry Hines swingers club operating with a house-o'-worship certificate of occupancy, Glenn Hudson or someone working for him had some of the club's websites taken down, among them the one featuring interior photos while promising "Over 16,000 Sq Ft of Grown Folks Party Space!" But the ordained-over-the-Internet Hudson is insisting the city has violated his First Amendment rights and that he's done nothing wrong. As he told WFAA after Judge Ken Molberg temporarily closed the Playground yesterday pending an August 3 hearing, "We have outreach programs that are catering to the youth and disadvantaged people in the communities trying to provide an alternative to what currently exists, which are drug-infested."

Turns out Hudson -- who also owns DarkSide on Northwest Highway, yet another not-church police say is little more than a drug-dealing, underage-sex-having danceteria that also has a court date August 3 -- didn't get rid of all the evidence. Take, for instance, this NSFW-ish cache of photos from inside the Playground. Nothing too prurient is depicted, but there also doesn't appear to be much ministering going on -- though there is this picture of a woman praying, let's say. Still: What sacred object is being handled in photo No. 18? Alas, thanks to the judge there won't be a  Pussy Whipped party this Friday. Damn shame.

Update: Well, I see someone's removed the photo album as well. Probably for the best.

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