In our ongoing series of embarrassing presidential wanna-bes' pics, here's Mitt Romney using Exergen's infrared thermometer, which has been deemed unsafe by Dallas docs for use on athletes.

Take This Thermometer and Shove It

Last month, The American College of Sports Medicine published a study that said infrared thermometers are no danged good when it comes to measuring the internal temps of athletes broiling beneath the two-a-days sun. The study was conducted by docs at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, where they discovered that a highly touted and commonly used forehead scanner made by Exergen wasn't nearly as accurate as a rectal thermometer -- despite Exergen's claims to the contrary.

Today, The New York Times picks up on the report -- appropriate, as now's about the time when college and high school football players are strapping on the pads and bracing for 100-plus-degree days during which their core temps can reach as high as 104 degrees, when heatstroke becomes a very real possibility. Problem is, says the study, the infrared thermometers will tell you a jock reading 104 on a rectal thermometer is only at 100. Reports The Times: "Dr. Benjamin D. Levine, a physician who took part in the Dallas test, said the scanner should not be used in any setting, even though 30 percent of Texas hospitals now use it or a similar device." In other words, football men, take this thermometer and stick it up your ass -- only because we care. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.