Ted Cruz Takes It As A Compliment When You Call Him a Crazy Wacko Bird

They called him crazy. And "crazy-pants," and "unhinged," and, at times, a "gay-hating conspiracy theorist."

But when you call freshman Tea Party-darling Senator Ted Cruz any of those names, just understand that whilst you are merely boring, petty glue, he is rubber. Proudly crazy rubber.

At a speech last night in Washington, Cruz took aim at grouchy muppet John McCain, who recently labeled him, as well as Rand Paul of Kentucky and Justin Amash of Michigan, as "wacko birds" for filibustering incoming CIA director John Brennan over the government's use of drone strikes. But what McCain didn't realize is that shit rolls right off Ted Cruz's crazy, crazy back.

At the Coalitions for America's annual Weyrich Awards Dinner, on the eve of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Cruz told the crowd it was good to be among friends, "or, as some might say, fellow wacko birds," according to the Washington Post.

"If standing for the Constitution, standing for liberty, standing for conservative values makes one a wacko bird ... then I am pleased that birds of a feather flock together," Cruz added.

Even though Cruz didn't mention McCain by name, the "wacko bird" comment has become sort of a widely-reblogged teapot tempest this morning. And yet really, on the scale of things, participating in the Brennan filibuster is one of the less crazy things Cruz has done.

As the New York Times points out, Brennan served as the White House's counter-terrorism adviser and was "the chief architect of the largely clandestine drone program." Cruz et. al's anxieties about the legality of using drones to kill Americans on U.S. soil who are not engaged in combat is misplaced (Eric Holder wrote them a quick note telling saying so). But they still managed to reflect a fairly reasonable and widespread anxiety about the legal limits of drone use, which seem to be expanding all the time.

Man. It feels a little icky to be defending Ted Cruz. But give the man credit where it's due, we suppose. But just to be clear: his obsession with Agenda 21, and Sharia law and Harvard crawling with dangerous pinko commies ? That stuff is still really, really crazy.

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