Terror Babies III: Shout It Out Loud! Starring Louie Gohmert and Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper can't get enough of Texas Republicans' claims that women are coming to the United States illegally to give birth to future terrorists -- ya know, "terror babies," as state Rep. Debbie Riddle called 'em during her debate with a clearly bemused Rafael Anchía Tuesday night. Wednesday, the namesake of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN had on a former high-ranking FBI agent who called the claims "absurd."

But last night was the highlight of Cooper's week-long series: Tyler Rose Louie Gohmert was his guest, and the result was TV gold, with Gohmert lambasting Cooper ("you used to be good") while predicting "explosions" that will happen within "10 or 15 or 20 years" without offering a shred of evidence. In the words of Talking Points Memo: "Oh, wow." See for yourself on the other side.

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Robert Wilonsky
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