Trump Hosts Roundtable on Prison Reform. Ken Paxton, Naturally, Stars.

For further proof that the underlying code of the simulation in which we all live is fraying, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, still under multiple felony indictments, hung out with the president of the United States in Bedminster, New Jersey, Thursday, ostensibly to discuss reform in America's prisons.

In introducing the panel of state and cabinet officials at the meeting, President Donald Trump made it clear why he values Paxton, whom he proudly endorsed at May's National Rifle Association meet in Dallas, by bringing up the attorney general's lawsuit to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which allows undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children to remain and work in the country.

"Ken just filed a very interesting lawsuit, which I think is going to be successful. I hope it's going to be successful," the president said, praising a suit that's been filed by multiple states against the federal government, which he runs. 

While Paxton talked for a couple of minutes about the benefits of programs that rehabilitate those sentenced to prison, rather than merely punishing them, when it was his turn to speak, President Trump quickly got back to something he seemed to care more about — the lawsuit to stop DACA. He asked Paxton how the attorney general felt about a court hearing in Houston yesterday, in which Paxton's office argued for an injunction to stop the program.

"We had a hearing yesterday and I think it went quite well," Paxton said. "We'll see what the judge says, but we're right on the law and right on the Constitution. I'm confident that things are going to go the right way."

"It's true," Trump said.

After the meeting, Justin Nelson, the Democrat trying to stop Paxton's re-election bid, showed that he was, at least, in on the joke.

"It’s absurd that Donald Trump would take advice from Ken Paxton –– who is staring down nearly a century in the Crow Bar Hotel –– on criminal justice reform," Nelson said in a statement. "What’s next? Tax preparation from Al Capone?"

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