Texas House Bans Crack-y Bath Salts; Get Your Lady Bubbles While You Can

First K2. Then Salvia. Now bath-salt uppers? How will law-abiding citizens ever get high around here?

Texas lawmakers are well on their way to banning yet another synthetic narcotic after the House on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill criminalizing the chemical compounds found in "bath salts." The salts, sold in head shops and online, are apparently snortable speed balls that make people go a little batty. They've been linked to murders and suicides and murder-suicides and, according to drug forums, will either "ass rape you" or provide a "tidy little buzz." Whichever you're in the mood for.

The Senate will certainly pass the bill, after which drugs like Snow Leopard, Ivory Wave, Lunar Wave, Vanilla Sky and Arctic Blast will join heroin and cocaine on the Penalty Group 2 of the Texas Controlled Substances Act. But worry not, Person Who Likes To Snort Hard Drugs But is Strangely Uncomfortable With Drug Dealers. You can still get your fix on the Dallas Craigslist -- 1,000 mg of salt for $300. Hit the jump to hear the Lady Bubbles sales pitch.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.