Courtesy MCA Public Relations
Big Dan, working the crowd. Working it.

Thanks for Standing Me Up at the Bar, Dan Aykroyd

Missed Connections

Me: The guy in the corner with a snap-button shirt, jeans and a camera.

You: The Canadian star of Saturday Night Live, Spies Like Us and this incredibly weird promo for your new vodka brand.

Thanks for standing me up at the bar in Plano for three hours last night, Dan Aykroyd. Really, it was cool hanging out at the mixed-use community martini bar on a work night, but by the time 11:15 p.m. rolled around -- that's three hours after your PR people said we'd meet up -- I'd had enough. I really thought you'd bailed.

Dan, it was going to be great. I'd take some shots of you schmoozing the startled crowd, I'd sound you out about your new co-stars in Ghostbusters 3. I was even going to ask you about what you meant in your vodka promo video when you said, "The implicit potential indestructibility of the soul must concern us."

Now it turns out you were there, showed up just after I took off, and all we've got to show for it is this photo posted above. Actually, that's probably funnier than seeing you in person. --Patrick Michels

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