That's Rich

Every member of the local sports media knows Rich Dalrymple. Kinda have to: He's the public-relations director for Your Dallas Cowboys. Has been for 17 years. Some day, oh, ask Richie Whitt what he thinks of Rich. Or ask me. I know the guy. Had to deal with him back when I wrote the sports column for the paper version of Unfair Park, some time back in the late 1970s. He's very...uh...helpful, though to whom, I have no idea. Aw, I kid because I, uh, love.

Anyway, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette catches up with the hometown boy in today's paper with a Q&A; had no idea Rich played QB in high school, though it does explain a great deal. Anyway, if you need to know more about the guy you see but don't hear from during every Cowboys press conference--except when he cuts it off, around the 32nd time some local media member asks Bill Parcells what he really thinks of Terrell Owens--you can go here. Highlight? This, maybe:

"Q. We only get snippets of Bill Parcells' news conferences, but he doesn't like the media, does he?

Dalrymple: That's absolutely not true. As much as any coach I've been around, he enjoys the exchanges with the media. If a reporter is going to ask a question that may go against the grain or challenge his viewpoint, that reporter better have all his facts right or Bill will ask a question right back. But he enjoys the give and take, and the banter as much as anybody. You only get a few snippets on ESPN from what might be a half-hour daily press conference. I've seen him undress a reporter at a press conference, but walk down the hall with his arm around the guy a little later. That's what you don't see. It's a misconception that he doesn't like the media."

Bill Parcells. "Enjoys." The media. Well, c'mon, the guy is in PR. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.