The Beginning of the End

One day, likely in the near future, Jerry Jones will look at this picture and say to himself, "WTF?"

Just in time for training camp, just like you knew it would, Terrell Owens' tell-all book is about to hit stores. Some folks in Philly snagged an advance copy of T.O., co-authored by Jason Rosenhaus--the brother of Owens' slimy super-agent Drew Rosenhaus. Not surprisingly, Owens blames everything from his suspension by the Eagles to rising gas prices on Philly quarterback Donovan McNabb. Says Owens in the book, "I accept that I played a role in tearing apart the Eagles season, but the blame was not all mine." That's about as close as we'll ever get to an apology or an admission of guilt.

Of course, we don't care, right? Once loathed, T.O. is now beloved. Doesn't matter that he desecrated our star, used our secondary for a pi�ata or boasts an ego that makes Michael Irvin look like Mother Teresa. He's ours now. Right? Yeah, right. Can't wait until Bill Parcells shows up in Oxnard in three weeks and starts getting pummeled with questions about T.O.'s book. We all know how Vanilla Billa loves distractions. And we all know that this marriage ain't gonna work. Trust me, the odds of Owens taking the Cowboys to a Super Bowl are considerably less than the odds of him writing a similar book a year from now on how he tore apart America's Team. --Richie Whitt

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Robert Wilonsky
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