Thanks to Eugene Lockhart, more than 500 kids are off the 1,800-long Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas waiting list. That. Is. Amazing.

The Big Heart of Eugene Lockhart

If you listened to KTCK-AM (1310) last week, you no doubt noticed that several of the station's shows were broadcasting on and off throughout the week from Texas Stadium. The reason: Former Dallas Cowboy Eugene Lockhart was camped out on the artificial turf, raising dough for Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas. The former Cowboys linebacker wasn't going to leave the stadium, where he racked up two Pro Bowl berths as a record-setting tackle machine, till he raised $500,000.

And he topped it, turns out. Lockhart gets a nice write-up today in this SI.com piece, in which he talks about how he wound up camping out and what he endured during his several nights spent in a Texas Stadium tent. Like, um, talking mosquitoes?

Fast food joints brought in food, Lockhart mock-tackled kids and the local morning shows showed up every day at 5:30. In the pockets of quiet time, Lockhart sat in his tent and called random numbers, talking up Big Brothers Big Sisters.

He flailed at mosquitoes ("They were definitely on steroids ... they were talking to me," he said.) and he pulled a hammy during a footrace with a girl ("Aww, that story won't go away.").

Always did love that guy. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.