The Calvary Church of Granbury Was Reading the Book of Revelation When the Hail Started

Last fall, I drove down to the Calvary Church of Granbury, a Pentecostal congregation in the little town southwest of Fort Worth that was devastated by last night's tornadoes. It's a tiny building with vivid green carpet, next to an empty field and just up a narrow country road from the town cemetery. I was there to hear Irvin Baxter, an End Times preacher who's pretty sure the Apocalypse is due any minute.

Last night, as Calvary notes on its Facebook page, a group of congregants was sitting in the church, in the middle of reading Revelation 11. The chapter deals with the "two witnesses" who prophesy for "a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth," just before the seventh trumpet sounds. As they reached the last line of the chapter, the hail started.

Well, that's terrifying. Calvary's pastor, Jacob Stump, also wrote on Facebook that several of the churches in town met this morning to determine what they could do. First Christian Church reported that they needed volunteers to help with sorting the donations that have already come in. Check with First Christian or Red Cross DFW if you'd like to help.

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