The Dallas Zoo Invites You To Meet Its Latest Addition, Wester the Zebra Foal

Now's the time for Dallas residents to go and see the new Grevy's zebra foal in the Wilds of Africa exhibit at the Dallas Zoo. It's a big deal, zoo officials say, because Grevy's are a rare type of zebra, with about 2,500 left in Africa. To mark the occasion, the zoo's dropping admission to half-price all day on Saturday.

The new foal, Wester, was born back in July and took the name of former zookeeper Heidi Wester, who passed away last year. "Everyone agreed the foal should be named after her," said Todd Bowsher, the zoo's Director of Animal Operations.

Bowsher's been associated with the zoo for 20 years and said Wester's the first foal he recalls being born at the zoo -- a big relief to some, since Wester's mother is 20 years old and the zebras only live about 25-30 years in captivity. But once the zoo brought in stallion Cayenne from the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, the pepper was spread, and babies obviously got made, bringing Dallas's Grevy's population up to a solid four. But a fifth could be on the way.

"We think Kirstin's pregnant too," Bowsher said referring to a second Grevy's mare at the zoo.

You can only see the zebras from the monorail safari, but it's worth it for a rare sight like this one. Jump for another shot of young Wester.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.