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The Day Before Council's Gas Drilling Task Force Begins Meeting, Watch Mayor's Promise

While Mike Rawlings is off in France, Rudy has a pay-walled piece in the morning's paper recapping the to-do list offered when he was a candidate and the we'll-see-about-that realities facing him as mayor: "Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings must find a way to deliver on promises." Speaking of: As Leslie noted at the end of June, Mayor Mike spoke before the Gasland screening at the Texas Theatre and vowed, "I will never vote to put any neighborhood at risk because of money."

On the day before the council's gas drilling task force has its first meeting, anti-fracking activist Raymond Crawford has posted the entirety of Rawlings's remarks -- a sort of gentle reminder. As Crawford writes this morning, he and his fellow activists -- the folks who got Dallas City Hall to reconsider its drilling ordinances before XTO and Trinity East were given their SUPs -- were "pleased to hear that his top priority is to protect Dallas citizens." But, ya know, promises are promises. Or are they? Rawlings's remarks follow.

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Robert Wilonsky
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