The Money, Money, Money Men

In recent months, the Dallas-based father-and-son investment team of Craig and Don Hodges -- better known as the $650-mil Hodges Fund -- has gotten plenty o' pub in such pubs as Kiplinger's and USA Today. The former celebrated the duo as "a rare, old-fashioned fund" that's making more on its investments (to the tune of three percentage points per year better) than the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index; the latter said of the Hodges Fund that it's a "relatively unknown name" doing surprisingly big things in a crowded field.

In this week's issue of Fortune, Don (who's 72) and Craig (43) more or less divulge their secrets to their "go-anywhere, buy-anything strategy." In short, 10 words: "deepwater drillers, oil services, cement, steel and construction equipment companies." Which is just what I was telling the missus last night, between digging out the couch-cushion spare change, donating blood and plastic-bagging old comic books. Hey, you got some dough-re-mi, maybe you oughta drop if off at their Maple Avenue offices. Or maybe you're just a Communist. --Robert Wilonsky


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