The Printable Gun Guys Made a 30-Round AR-15 Magazine and Named It "The Cuomo"

Over the past few months, we've brought you sporadic updates on Cody Wilson, a UT Austin law student who heads up a group called Defense Distributed. They want to make a printable gun, an ambition that's brought much hand-wringing and even got their rented 3-D printer repo-ed back in October.

Now Defense Distributed has released what they're calling a totally redesigned AR magazine. It holds 30 rounds. They're calling it "the Cuomo." That's some expert, expert trolling, guys.

Wilson & Co. resumed work on their designs in late October. They've spent a lot of time focusing not on printing whole guns, but rather magazines -- and released several videos showing their progress. In response, Congessman Steve Israel of New York has promised to try to ban printable magazines altogether. At the same time, the New York legislature approved a broad gun control bill by Governor Mario Cuomo, one which, among other things, bans magazines holding more than seven rounds.

To which Defense Distributed responded by releasing a video showing the new mags.

"NY is safe," reads a caption. "Introducing the Cuomo series mags."

The next two videos, both released today, show somebody out in the desert, loading one of the magazines into a gun and firing it, then popping the magazine out, undamaged and ready to re-use.

"We're getting better at this," reads the video summary on one of the clips.

Cue the furious arguing. Alternately, you can read some more detailed notes about the testing and revising Defense Distributed has been doing right here.

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