The Strange Confession of Chung Kim, the 75-Year-Old Accused of Dog Poop Slaying

The Morning News sat down this morning for a jailhouse interview with Chung Kim, the 75-year-old charged with murdering his upstairs neighbors on Monday, and his version of events differs somewhat from the police's narrative, which is that he became enraged when dog shit landed on his porch and hunted down the dog's owners, Jamie Stafford and Michelle Jackson, in front of their 1-month-old baby

For starters, he told the News that it was human feces and that it had not been dumped on his back porch but deposited by Stafford at his front door.

Kim also claims the gun he used didn't belong to him but to Stafford, who put the weapon to Chung's head when the elder man went to confront him about the shit on his porch. Chung says he managed to wrestle the gun away and shot Stafford. He didn't, he insists, kill Jackson.

"The police is wrong," Kim told the News. "I don't know how she died. I don't remember nothing. I shoot him. I didn't shoot her. My head all blank. This man is trying to kill me."

He also dismissed witnesses' reports that he'd been involved in an ongoing dispute with the couple over noise, attributing the claims to his neighbors' prejudice.

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