The Tarrant County Sheriff Says Look Out for Ethan Couch's Mom, Truck

Despite chasing thousands of leads and making sure their man's face is plastered all over media outlets across the country, Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson said Monday that his office has had no luck tracking down Ethan Couch, the "affluenza"-stricken teen fugitive who was given probation for killing four in a 2013 drunk driving incident.

Couch apparently skipped town earlier this month, wary of getting rung up on a probation violation after video surfaced on social media that appeared to show his involvement in a game of beer pong. Given that Couch and his mother Tonya Couch, now officially a missing person, had as much as a two week head start, Anderson has speculated that they could be far from North Texas, maybe even out of the country. At a press conference, he suggested that they may have taken flight in Tonya Couch's black, Harley Davidson-edition Ford F-150, but said he had no information about where the truck might be. 

Fort Worth District Attorney Sharen Wilson said that her office was in the middle of trying to get Ethan Couch transferred into the adult probation department when he went on the lam, that's why getting him back quickly is such a concern. She doesn't think, she said, that he should go to a juvenile facility for violating probation. She thinks he should go to prison.

Anderson said that Couch has not shown any remorse for what he's done, suggesting that Couch's fleeing shows he thinks he can get away with anything because of his family's resources.

“He continues to believe the law doesn’t apply to him, which is how he was raised,” Anderson said. “If he has enough money, he can get out of it.”

The F-150 has a "crease" in the passenger side panel and 23-inch chrome wheels. Its license plate number is BC50945.
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