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The U.S. Postal Service Has Decided to Shutter Dallas's Main Processing Center After All

We've known for months that the United State Post Office might shutter the Dallas Processing and Distribution Center on IH30; the USPS has been talking about doing it since, oh, 2009, for that matter. But today it's official: The postal service has announced that it's moving the Dallas Processing and Distribution Center's operations over to Fort Worth. And once that's done, says the release, "the mail processing operation of the Dallas P&DC will cease." From the release:

All outgoing, or originating mail-processing operations now handled at the Fort Worth P&DC will be moved to the North Texas P&DC; however, the Fort Worth P&DC will continue to process mail destined for delivery in parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Fort Worth P&DC will handle destinating, or incoming mail for 3-digit ZIP code areas 760, 761 and 764, as well as 751, 752 and 753, mail previously handled at the Dallas P&DC. In addition to 750 and 754 mail, the North Texas P&DC will now handle incoming mail for 762 and 763 ZIP areas currently processed at the Fort Worth P&DC.

There will be no change to the retail units, Post Office box operations, passport acceptance units, business mail entry units, and vehicle maintenance facilities currently located at the Dallas P&DC and the Fort Worth P&DC.

That's but the sole closure in Dallas on the list released today; as you may recall, other facilities were also under consideration for shuttering, which is why Mayor Mike Rawlings and Vonciel Jones Hill sent Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe a missive begging him to keep those outposts open -- because, they said, they didn't want to see those jobs disappear, and because "we are concerned about the loss of the Dallas postmark due to the potential closures." Calls are out to USPS and city officials. Updates forthcoming.

Update at 4 p.m.: The reactions to the USPS's announcement are beginning to roll in. The first one's from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who's not happy, not one bit. Says he in his official statement:

"We are not happy and this is not done. The U. S Postal Service's plan to consolidate operations between Dallas and Fort Worth is poorly designed and could result in a deterioration of services in Dallas County as well as the loss of HUNDREDS of jobs. I oppose this consolidation because it's bad for Dallas County and bad for the region. We will continue to meet with our leaders in Washington and postal service officials to urge them to fight for the full operational vitality of this postal plant."

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