The "Vice and Virtue" of The Happy Bullets' New Video

No, this isn't the new Modest Mouse video -- which is to say, the old Modest Mouse video. Rather, it's the latest short from going-for-baroque Dallas-based pop-rockers The Happy Bullets. Titled "The Vice and Virtue Ministry" -- an MP3 of which the band's offering here, absolutely gratis -- the clever and beautifully animated video was directed by Nader Husseini, a graphic designer outta North Carolina State University currently pulling down his paycheck at Reel FX Creative Studio on Crowdus Street. The song, nominated as one of the best in the 2006 Dallas Observer Music Awards and one of our fave recent releases, comes from the 2005 Stuart Sikes-produced album of the same name, which is available here or on iTunes.

The band also has some new high-profile-ish members. For their names, though, you'll have to check out our sistah blog, DC9 at Night. Speaking of DC9, Andrea Grimes provides a very lovely recap of the Ryan Adams show at McFarlin Auditorium Friday night -- some of it real, some of it imagined. --Robert Wilonsky

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