Looks like The Hammer's almost ready to emerge from the toolbox.

There's Greggo!

According to two local radio industry sources, Greg “The Hammer” Williams is deep into negotiations for a permanent gig at ESPN 103.3 FM -- negotiations that are so serious, in fact, that sources say Williams will be at the station’s Arlington studios this afternoon at 3 for an off-air tryout/interview. At the same time, his old frat buddies over at KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket) will be yucking up another “Why Today Doesn’t Suck” segment before commencing his old show, The Hardline.

It’s good to hear Williams is healthy and stable enough to both consider going back to work and to be considered for a position. Not that long ago, if you remember, we were all atwitter about him merely functioning as a human being. Though we're still not sure if Williams wants this job, or if ESPN is ready to hire him. (With ESPN recently landing Michael Irvin, being anchored by Randy Galloway and forced to air national programming in the morning, the best guess is a weeknight show for The Hammer.)

The sources indicated today that it's more like a free agent making a second visit to a prospective team. As for Williams, he’s being as ambiguous as ever. “Stay tuned” is all he would say when reached by Unfair Park this morning.

The juiciest part of the possible scenario: Williams’ rumored potential co-host. Would you believe ... Nate Newton? Friends, start your proposed show names ... now. --Richie Whitt

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