There's Something About the Library...

Remember back when Jim Schutze reported on Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh? No? Don't recall the story of a man that not only dried, grated and sprinkled his own feces on pastries at Fiesta, but smeared the non-dried variety on book spines at the Dallas Library? I'll wait for your "Oh, riiiight, that guy!" moment to pass. Turns out, Dallas isn't the only city with library "violations." Investigative reporter extraordinaire, Carl Monday, throws down with a "library lover" (heh) in Cleveland in this priceless clip (and please, hold out to the end—you won't be sorry):

Apparently, the story was so popular it even brought about a Carl Monday-dedicated blog. Now I searched for "Jim Schutze blog" but came up with little but a "Saluting Jim Schutze" entry on some guy named Garry's blog. So, Jim, we've taken a poll around the office and while we appreciate your hair, your tact and your grammar, a London Fog trenchcoat is definitely in order. That could make the difference.

--Merritt Martin

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