This Just In: Danny Defenbaugh's Entire Report Concerning Constable Jaime Cortes

About an hour ago, Dallas County Judge Jim Foster summoned a few members of the media, including Sam, to the commissioners court in order to discuss Danny Defenbaugh's investigation into the alleged misdeeds of Constable Jaime Cortes. Sam will be along shortly with his notes from his interview with Foster, but truth is, Foster didn't say much about the specifics of the report -- because he has not yet read the entirety of the 92-page document, in which there are myriad allegations made by deputies who accuse Cortes of everything from taking bribes (at the rate of $25 per car towed) from the owner of Dowdy Ferry Auto Services to official oppression to sleeping with one of his female deputies to using a government database to help a private citizen determine if he was a fugitive from justice. Defenbaugh's report even accuses Cortes of violating the Hatch Act.

We too are in the middle of reading the report. But I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to follow along. After the jump, then, the former FBI special agent's report. Sam's forthcoming; Schutze too.

Danny Defenbaugh Investigation of Constable Jaime Cortes

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Robert Wilonsky
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