This Sunday, Dallas Could See 'Severe Storms,' Including Isolated Tornadoes and Downpours

The warm start to October may be coming to an end this weekend.
The warm start to October may be coming to an end this weekend. Aaronjayjack, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
A wave of severe storms, including torrential rain, isolated tornadoes and gnarly gusts of wind, might hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area this Sunday evening, according to forecasters at AccuWeather.

The first week of October saw comfortably warm weather here in Dallas, but the bringers of bad news over at AccuWeather are now saying the “warm and tranquil start to the month” is about to come to a crashing end thanks to “the threat of severe storms [becoming] a growing concern in the days ahead.”

Naturally, we looked out the window at the Observer’s office, saw the sun still sizzling in the sky and had our doubts. So, we did what any crack team of self-respecting investigative journalists would do in such a situation: We pulled up WFAA weather prophet Pete Delkus’ Twitter page.

After spending 10 or so minutes (read: an hour, maybe more) looking at photos of his very handsome dog, a 10-week-old pup named Annie, we remembered that our editor had demanded an article about the weather and got back to business.

"There is a chance for some of those storms to be severe mainly with a wind/hail threat." - Pete Delkus, weather prophet

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As we expected, Pete had been ahead of the curve on Sunday’s weather. On Thursday night, he tweeted about the potential storms that could bookend our weekend with a major bummer.

Set to hit Sunday night and stretch into Monday morning, Pete said, “There is a chance for some of those storms to be severe mainly with a wind/hail threat.”

Hail is an obvious downer (park your ride in the garage, folks), but the AccuWeather report drums up a more ominous vision of our immediate future.

“All facets of severe weather will be possible,” it reads. “Flooding downpours, damaging wind gusts, hail and even isolated tornadoes can accompany the strongest storms on Sunday.”

If we make it through Sunday without hail or, God forbid, isolated tornadoes, that doesn’t mean you should prepare to call in sick early next week and head to the lake for a day of beer guzzling and bronzing.

Texas Storm Chasers is reporting that another threat for “severe storms” is shaping up for Tuesday and Wednesday. “A powerful upper-level storm system will bring another chance for severe thunderstorms to Texas on Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday,” they wrote.

We’d urge you to dust off your galoshes, drag your rain coats out of storage and prepare yourself for all mayhem, but this is Texas, after all, and weather predictions are just about as dependable as Ted Cruz during a winter storm.
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Patrick Strickland is the news editor at the Dallas Observer. He's a former senior reporter at Al Jazeera English and has reported for the New York Review of Books, The Guardian, Politico EU and The New Republic, among others.