Three More Former Employees Sue Boss Accused of Stun-Gunning an Employee in the Junk

Christopher Key seems to have set the ball rolling. Last week, his lawyer filed a lawsuit claiming his boss, Neil Chopra, at a Carrollton janitorial services company sexually harassed him by punching him in the testicles and, one time, stun-gunning him in the groin. On Monday, three more employees filed lawsuits against the company and Chopra.

In June 2012, an employee claims she was forced to quit because of how Chopra treated her. She claims he would comment on her breasts and butt, saying she had a "J-Lo ass" and asking, sarcastically, "Can you wear any tighter pants?" One time, while she was washing her hands in the company kitchen, Chopra snuck up behind her and placed his face inches away from her butt, she claims. When she told an administrator about her boss' actions, the administrator said "this is just the way it is" at the company.

Another employee claims Chopra made sexual advances toward him and used a stun gun on him, like he had used on Key. Twice, the man claims, Chopra sat on his lap while reaching for his crotch. Also, one time, while the man bent over to pick up a pen, Chopra grabbed his groin from behind and tried to stick his thumb or fingers up the man's anus, the man claims. The man eventually quit.

The third employee, who was fired from her job as company secretary in December 2012 after reporting Chopra's behavior, claims Chopra humiliated her at the office. During a meeting with all male employees, she claims, Chopra made her sit on the floor while the men sat at the table. Then, a client called, and Chopra answered, pretending to be her and suggesting a sexual encounter.

On another occasion, she claims, Chopra threw candy at her while she sat at her desk, as if she were a stripper. The woman began to pick up the candy, but Chopra dumped a container of shredded paper on her head. Then, she claims, Chopra squirted a white liquid from a tube on her face and made moaning sounds.

All three former employees also claim the company knew about Chopra's actions and failed to put an end to it. The three are represented by the same law firm.

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