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Thursday-Morning Rewind: Kunkle Talks Ticket

I caught the tail end of former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle's chitchat with The Ticket's Hardline, which aired a little past the 6 p.m. hour yesterday. During it, Kunkle talked, of course, about his maybe-sorta-more-n-likely run for Dallas mayor, which he said he'll nail down publicly once the Super Bowl dust clears. But then talk turned to The Ticket -- and how, as evidenced by the comments left here and everywhere else yesterday, he's still defined by That Interview With Greggo -- and that's just fine by him. If nothing else, Kunkle -- who admits to having read that Ticket history-of in its entirety -- has the best campaign-ad-in-the-making amongst all would-be mayoral candidates. Or maybe I didn't understand the question.

Below, thanks to Michael Gruber, is Kunkle's Ticket confession -- and, oh, more on his burgeoning mayoral platform. ("Streets, sanitation, police, fire are very important in my world.") That seems important too.

Former DPD Chief David Kunkle on The Hardline January 26

Former DPD Chief David Kunkle on The Hardline January 26

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