Thursday-Morning Rewind: Kunkle Talks Ticket

I caught the tail end of former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle's chitchat with The Ticket's Hardline, which aired a little past the 6 p.m. hour yesterday. During it, Kunkle talked, of course, about his maybe-sorta-more-n-likely run for Dallas mayor, which he said he'll nail down publicly once the Super Bowl dust clears. But then talk turned to The Ticket -- and how, as evidenced by the comments left here and everywhere else yesterday, he's still defined by That Interview With Greggo -- and that's just fine by him. If nothing else, Kunkle -- who admits to having read that Ticket history-of in its entirety -- has the best campaign-ad-in-the-making amongst all would-be mayoral candidates. Or maybe I didn't understand the question.

Below, thanks to Michael Gruber, is Kunkle's Ticket confession -- and, oh, more on his burgeoning mayoral platform. ("Streets, sanitation, police, fire are very important in my world.") That seems important too.

Former DPD Chief David Kunkle on The Hardline January 26

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