"Today is not about gloating..."

Yesterday, Our Man Matt Pulle attended the Dallas County Democratic Party's victory press conference, during which many of the local Dems paraded up to the podium to offer, well, not terribly much. But, hey, you don't wanna blow it your first day; really, give them a week before they self-destruct, why don't you?

Well, so happens that as Matt was leaving DCDP's Fair Park-area HQ, he found among the celebratory remnants a sheet of paper upon which someone had penned "Talking Point for Press Conference." This is an actual, honest-to-God document--and proof that it's been so long that the Democrats won anything they need to be reminded how to act. Nice to know real elections still taste like high-school elections. The document is after the jump.

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Robert Wilonsky
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