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Toll Road Taking its Toll

D's Eric Celeste, who's worked for more publications than you've read

I had my close-up with D yesterday. The story is being written by Eric Celeste. It’s not actually totally about moi. In fact, now that I’ve made an ass of myself pledging how they shall not crucify me on the cross of FAME, I’m quite worried that Eric may portray me as some kind of schlocky miserable little extra. Wouldn’t that be a smackdown?

Celeste is preparing a story for D that seems to be focused mainly on Angela Hunt and Laura Miller, with folks like Dallas Institute founder Gail Thomas and me popping in from the wings every once in a while like Shakespearean gravediggers.

Eric was a student of mine at SMU when I was still in my 30s and he was 3 years old. Very precocious. Used to call me “Professor Schutze.” Imagine that. The only person who calls me professor now is the cable guy. I can’t imagine where he will wind up with this.

Eric is very smart, and I have full confidence that he, as a former journalism student of mine, will be able to craft something that will totally piss off everyone in the story. I tried to teach the kids that. The goal is for everyone in the story to want to kill you.

Thank God people like my wife.

Eric asked me if I will be a good sport if next November’s referendum is won by the people who want to put a toll road up the middle of the new river park downtown. It was an awkward moment for both of us. I knew he was just doing his job, playing devil’s advocate. He had to ask that kind of question.

But knowing me as long as he has, he knows that of course I won’t be a good sport. What? All of a sudden between now and election day I’m going to take good sport lessons? Why would I be a good sport? Why not grow another nose instead?

Thursday I have my “first session” with Rudy Bush of The Dallas Morning News for the story they are preparing about the partisans in the Trinity River toll road battle. I’ll keep you posted. I may also get a haircut this week. I’ll give you the inside poop on that too, maybe.

Interesting thing, being on the other end of interviews. So far I’d say the haircut thing may offer more action. --Jim Schutze

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