Tom and Rudy, Sitting in a Tree. Or: We Think We Now Have Boone Pickens' Phone Number.

We can take no credit for this; nope, all due propers to Josh Benton at The Dallas Morning News, who yesterday on BoldTypes penned an item about those infamous Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign plans that went, uh, missing from a hotel room in November. Ben Smith, the New York Daily News reporter who earlier this month did a story about the content of the docs, yesterday posted here the entirety of the 140-page file -- which includes, as Benton points out, several local connections, most having to do with Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks. He's mentioned several times, including in the calendar item posted above.

As Benton points out, "According to the documents, it appears Giuliani will be asking Hicks to raise more than $30 million for the campaign, through a network of six vice chairs each expected to bring in $5 million or more." But Hicks loves raising dough for Republican candidates with major national name recognition: In May we mentioned that the Rangers and Stars' owner gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a donation of $25,000.

In the leaked docs, there's also the odd October 23 meeting between a Giuliani aide, Roy Bailey, and SMU athletic director Steve Orsini and men's basketball coach Matt Doherty. Of course, that's not the end of Rudy's local ties: A week after his peeps were meeting the Mustangs, you might recall we mentioned the odd connection between Giuliani and Lighting Science Group, the McKinney Avenue-based company with a sketchy history that has a multimillion-dollar deal with Giuliani Partners.

You'd best snag these docs quick: Best as we can tell, they do contain, like, T. Boone Pickens' phone number. Which is cool. Been needing that. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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