Tomorrow, a Peek at Josh Cox. Oh, and Some Kind of "Major Announcement" at City Hall.

We got word this afternoon that in honor of National Running Day -- which is tomorrow, who knew? --  Mayor Tom Leppert, the city council and bigwigs from the White Rock Marathon and the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau will unveil some kinda new running event at noon at City Hall. The handful of attendees to whom we spoke today are mum on the details of their "major announcement," as it's being referred to, but Josh Cox, the California-based marathoner who in January broke the national record for the 50K, will be the key attraction.

"I was going to see if we could bring in a treadmill and have him try to break a new record," Dan Cruz, a spokesman for the Competitor Group and the White Rock Marathon, tells Unfair Park. "We're still trying to figure that out."

So you're telling us we could miss part of a Wednesday staff meeting to see a runner that Robert Wilonsky has accurately described as "hunky" sprint on a treadmill? Yes, please. [Editor's note: I said that you might find him "hunktaculous." Megan, please try to be more accurate in future postings.]

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