Tomorrow Morning, Hunt and Medrano To Debut Plan to Make Greenville Ave. "Friendly"

If you can't stop by 2010 Greenville Avenue tomorrow morning, round 10:30, don't worry -- Patrick Michels already has it down on his to-do list. We wouldn't miss it for the world, not after the thousands of words we've virtually spilled in recent months chronicling council members Angela Hunt and Pauline Medrano's plans to reinvent Lower Greenville as something just a wee bit more hospitable than its current iteration.

City Hall just sent word that Tuesday morning, Hunt and Medrano and Dallas PD Deputy Police Chief Mike Genovesi will set up shop in front of the former Public House space to announce "a pilot program to transform two blocks along Greenville Avenue into a pedestrian- and family-friendly destination." What's that mean? Well, we have some idea. To which Hunt adds, for now: "This popular area has had many challenges over the years, trying to find a balance between safe neighborhoods and thriving businesses. The effort we're launching [Tuesday] will demonstrate that both can coexist by creating a better use of space while enhancing livability."

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