Trees Files Its Response to Lawsuit Involving Patron Who Sued Over Andy Dick's Dick

Still hard to believe, but back in May -- or, five long months after the incident occurred -- a gentleman by the name of Robert Tucker claimed in court docs that he'd been emotionally distressed and otherwise humiliated and "defamed" when Andy Dick yanked down his skirt and "forced his genitals against the left side" of Tucker's face during a December 19 show at Trees.  Feel free to relive that moment over and over and over again right here. Not nearly as good as, say, the James Caan episode of NewsRadio. But that's not likely to be entered into evidence, is it?

Anyway. Whilst digging around for something else on the county's website, I thought I'd see if anyone ever responded to the initial complaint filed two months ago. And, whaddya know, on Monday Trees filed its answer, which boils down to: The club isn't liable for the deeds of an independent contractor. Further, says the response:

Defendant denies that it knew or should have known of the previous behavior of co-Defendant Andrew R. Dick. However, in the alternative, Defendant alleges that Plaintiff was aware of the behavior that he alleges in his Petition and assumed the risk by attending the event.

The filing follows. No response yet from Dick's attorneys, who may be tied up with more pressing matters at the moment.

Trees Response to Andy Dick Suit

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.