Trinity Project Director Says, "We've Always Been Upfront That This is a Risk." Say Wha?

Schutze and Merten are on vacation today, which means no one's going to Mayor Tom Leppert's Trinity River Corridor Project summit this morning on the 69th (heh) floor of the Bank of America building downtown. Schutze, though, did ask for two small favors before he sped off to East Texas moments ago:

In light of this morning's story concering the feds' 4,000 pages worth of worries about the Trinity River toll road and project director Rebecca Dugger's insistence upon putting "our heads down and ... moving forward" anyhow, he asked if I could "rerun that Leppert video." It's below. And he wanted me to highlight this quote from Dugger about the possibility of the feds demanding the city move the tollway out of the flood way:

"That's why it is called at-risk," she said. "We've always been upfront, very upfront that this is at risk, and that something could happen at the end. But it was a risk we felt we needed to take."

Done ... and done.

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