Two Dallas Cops Have Been Fired for Relationships with Youth Mentees, Prostitutes

The Dallas Police Department's explorer program, a partnership with the Boys Scouts, offers young people with a "sincere interest in law enforcement" the chance to do things like ride-alongs and paint over graffiti with cops. But according to the department, one veteran officer recently took an alarming interest in his explorers, carrying on an "inappropriate relationship" with one and hanging out with some outside of the sanctioned activities.

The officer, Sergeant Jorge Guzman, was fired yesterday. And he wasn't the only one.

Officer Daniel Razo was also fired yesterday, after an investigation found he associated with a person of "immoral character" -- read: prostitute -- and provided that person with sensitive police information, according to DPD. He also used department equipment for non-work purposes and was involved in an incident the required a response from the Ellis County Sheriff's department.

Both Guzman and Razo can appeal their firings. Guzman's case has been referred to a Dallas County grand jury, which could indict him on a charge of official oppression, or abusing his authority. No details were released about the nature of his relationships or the ages of the explorers involved.

Just last week, another former Dallas cop, Jose Luis Bedoy, was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for sharing information about raids and how to avoid undercover cops with a prostitute.

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