Note to Max Wells: Make cooler videos. Remember, you like the kids now. You need them. You no longer want them off your front lawn.

Video Killed the Mayoral Candidate

I am not exactly sure why Max Wells -- or, more likely, his people -- would feel the need to post to the Interwebs a deadly-dull video about the making of an equally stultifying advertisement, but, sure enough, there it is on the YouTube. It's probably the least sexy campaign spot of all time: There's Wells, perched in a chair in front of what looks like the backdrop for a junior-high stage production of The Sound of Music, reading from a TelePrompTer about how Dallas needs "tough love." Watch for yourself after the jump, and then ask yourself if this is really the best use of YouTube. Actually, it is better than most of Wells' videos, which look like they were taken in the middle of a hostage situation. And, hey, John Cappello, you have no right to laugh.

Speaking of, I don't think Don Hill's viral videos are doing the trick either; most of his YouTube clips have been viewed only six or seven times, and they're so poorly edited they're hard to watch after a few seconds. (Either use video or photos, but don't try to turn the latter into the former.) So far, Tom Leppert's winning the video race; hard to beat a slick spot in which the first words the candidate utters are, "My father died when I was a baby." Top that. You can't. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.