Did you? Did you really?
Did you? Did you really?
Brett Neilson

Voter Fraud Lawsuit Never Had a Chance, Is Thrown Out

Two weeks ago, Eric Williams and Subrina Brenham, two losing candidates who got less than 200 votes each in running for the Dallas City Council District 8 seat soon to be vacated by Tennell Atkins, filed a lawsuit. Williams and Brenham alleged that Dianne Gibson and Erik Williams, the two candidates headed for a June 14 runoff in District 8, had survived the first round election partially thanks to fraud.

Williams and Brenham claimed that their names did not show up on the electronic ballots filled out by early voters, based on the assertions made by a man in a video posted to Williams' Facebook page. The city of Dallas, as you might expect, filed a lengthy response to Williams' and Brenham's claim, denying that anything was wrong with the voting machines. The suit was supposed to go to trial and be ruled on Wednesday, but Brenham said the she was "mentally unready" to proceed because her business had been broken into. Williams and Brenham were allowed to present their case Thursday.

Thursday, after hearing from five witnessesm a judge told Williams and Brenham that there was no evidence of voter fraud.

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