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Watkins to Texas Senate: "Give Me What I Want or I'll Keep Walking Around With My AK-47"

The outcome, what happened after Texas gun fetishists Kory Watkins and Amy Hedtke testified before the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs is what's scary. It's not that it now seems inevitable that students over the age of 21 will be able to bring guns onto college campuses, nor that some form of open carry will be passed during this session of the Texas Legislature. It's not even that Watkins believes God has imbued him with the right to wear a handgun on his hip or that Hedtke thanks it's totally cool to talk about violent revolution because she might have to get concealed handgun before she goes and plays Wyatt Earp.

No, it's not any of that. It's that all of Watkins, Hedtke and state Representative Jonathan Stickland's succeeded.

Both bills being discussed Thursday -- campus carry and open carry -- made it past the committee with hardly a murmur of dissent in 7-2 votes. Watkins sat there, told the committee, "go against my God-given rights, I will continue to walk around with an AK-47," and they voted for the bills anyway (notice Stickland plop down and start grinning in the background during Watkins' testimony).

Watkins isn't done either. He's still pissed the version of open carry discussed Thursday has the temerity to ask that handgun carriers by licensed. He'll be back to the capitol very soon.

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