We Want Our Gay TV

Here's some good news for fans of the cable networks Logo and Here!, two channels with content aimed at gay viewers that had been dropped from local cable programming when Time Warner Cable took over the Dallas cable from Comcast Corp. on August 1. That had some local viewers mighty pissed, as the Dallas Voice reported here. But Gary Underwood, director of communications for Time Warner's North Texas division, says Here! has returned to the company's video on demand service. It was always there, in fact. When Time Warner rebuilt the old Comcast menus for its video-on-demand channel--which offers movies from Here!, among other programming--the button for the network was accidentally lost. Now, it's been found again, and the menus re-rebuilt.

Underwood says Time Warner is still negotiating with the owners of Logo to try to get the channel in its lineup, but no word on when or if that will actually happen.

Never fear, though: As reported here, the Federal Communications Commission has ordered Time Warner to reinstate the NFL Network, at least until early September. Beyond that? Still in negotiations, Underwood says. So keep your chins up, gay television fans. If things don't work out with Logo, at least for a few more weeks you can watch big men in tight pants pat each other on the butt. That's gotta be worth something. --Patrick Williams

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.