Week in Review: Two Arrested in Brothel Raid, Chief Brown to Retire and Rick Perry Tries Dancing

We know you're busy. So here's a roundup for those news junkies who missed out and now need their Friday fix.

When it Comes to Zika, Humans Are the Canaries in the Coal Mine

If the mosquitoes in Dallas County are able to transmit the Zika virus, we won't know it until a patient is diagnosed. "They did not find positive mosquitoes," officials here say of the outbreak in Miami. "They found positive humans," officials say.

Ethan Couch's Lawyers Make Effort to Keep Affluenza Teen Out of Jail
Attorneys for the infamous youth are arguing the judge didn't have jurisdiction his case, and want to use that argument to get him out of lockup. 

Feds Arrest Two Women, Ages 63 and 67, In Dallas Brothel Raid
Connie Su Moser, 63, and Kum Shugars, 67, were arrested by members of the North Texas Trafficking Taskforce for sex trafficking and using facilities of interstate commerce to promote prostitution. We've got the court documents and customer reviews that paint quite a picture of the Baby Doll massage parlor. 

Weekly Schutze
I am not blaming or berating the city secretary for sending out this stupid and untruthful letter of intimidation, because I know that the city secretary is required by city ordinance to send out stupid and untruthful letters of intimidation with exactly this wording whenever somebody files an ethics complaint against a city official. A city secretary who failed to send a stupid and untruthful letter of intimidation to a citizen who had availed himself of his constitutionally protected rights of petition and free speech could be fired, under the existing ordinance, for failure to stupidly intimidate. 
—Jim Schutze, from Complain to HUD or Dallas City Hall, See What It Gets You

The Horse's Mouth

David Brown's Exit Memo
Police Chief David Brown announced his retirement on Thursday, effective Oct. 22, 2016. "I became a Dallas cop in 1983 because of the crack cocaine epidemic’s impact on my neighborhood in Oak Cliff. I wanted to be part of the solution," he wrote in an open letter published on the DPD's website. "Since that time I have taken great pride in knowing that we have always been part of the solution and helped to make Dallas the world class city it is today." Read the whole thing here

Auto Zone Robber Strikes Again
At the end of July, a serial robber struck again. On July 30 a gunman robbed the Auto Zone at 10418 Garland Road at gunpoint. "The suspect pointed a handgun at employees and demanded money from the register," police said in a bulletin. "It is believed that the same suspect is responsible for three additional Auto Zone robberies."  

Parting Shot


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