Well, At Least You Can Still Make the Gas Drilling Task Force's Public Hearing, Right?

We already know who won't be attending the gas drilling task force's public hearing on Tuesday night: Mayor Mike and the city council, who at that time will be breaking bread at Rawlings's request -- maybe some dogs and a beer, or perhaps just a slice? Anyway. City Hall says you're still invited, which is why it sent out this heads-up: "City seeks public input for Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force."

The meeting's at 7 p.m. in L1F Auditorium at City Hall. And, seriously, Lois Finkelman would love to see you: "The task force is looking forward to hearing from interested citizens as well as those who may live or own property near a potential drilling site. We anticipate good participation from the community."

It's just one of two public hearings scheduled in front of the task force: The other's set for October 27, which is just a few days before the task force will vote on the recommendations that'll be sent to the council, which will decide how to rewrite the gas drilling ordinance. Here's the complete task force schedule, complete with a list of topics to be discussed at each one. August 23 looks interesting: "Industry Experts and Environmental Groups Briefings." Which I expect to go something like this.

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