Well, Fracking Fans, That Was Anticlimactic. But Caraway Did Address That Police Call.

The Dallas City Council kicked off the afternoon with a few minutes in executive session, and it didn't take long for Mayor Leppert to bring up the SUP application for XTO Energy to drill at Hensley Field -- the one we expected Dave Neumann to push for deferring for a few months.

Quicker than that, though, Leppert said he'd heard from City Manager Mary Suhm that she'd like another week to get her paperwork in order relating to the application, to "complete some work on it," and Leppert said he'd be bringing it back up at next Wednesday's meeting.

Rudy Bush reported that Leppert was meeting with XTO and Exxon officials yesterday, and the big question lingering out there now is whether the city will, or already has, reached an agreement with the company to extend their leases of city-owned land, which run out next month.

Leppert opened the floor for public comment on gas drilling, though, and that's still going on right now. But the most interesting bit of the whole afternoon might have been Dwaine Caraway's moment in the spotlight, directly after the executive session, when he addressed the odd police call to his house last weekend, saying it's a personal matter related to his 15-year marriage, something anyone who's married should be able to understand, and in the interests of keeping that going, he said this is the last he'd comment on it:

"If you've not always wanted eggs and bacon, some of you may have wanted something else. And you didn't get it. And that's what marriage is all about."

Update at 1:50: Neumann did jump in after the public comment wrapped, just to say he wants to "defer action on this until the science gets lined up with the politics." Until this fall.

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