Well, That's Quite the Mavericks-Heat Sports Bet You've Made There, Governor Perry

This just in from Governor Rick Perry's office: He's added congressional redistricting to the special session's to-do list. Wait. Sorry. Wrong press release. Let's start this over.

This just in from Governor Rick Perry's office: He's bet Florida Governor Rick Scott "a case of Texas barbeque sauce" that the Mavs will beat the Heat. (What -- no prime rib this time?) In return, Scott's offering ... you guessed it ... key lime pie. Because stone crabs would have been too cliché.

Says Scott: "Not even Dirk Nowitzki will be able to stop Miami from bringing home another NBA title. It might be warm in Texas, but there is no way the Dallas Mavericks will be able to withstand the Heat." To which Perry offers this parry: "The Mavericks' combination of teamwork and experience will overwhelm Miami's raw star power, and at the end of the series, folks in Texas will be celebrating yet another NBA championship here in the Lone Star State." That doesn't make me feel any better.

Wonder what Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado and Dwaine Caraw ... oh, damn it, that's right. The mayor-for-now's in Nigeria till tomorrow. That's a shame.

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Robert Wilonsky
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